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Welcome to my haimish dot gone!

I’m just a bibliophagic backwoodsman and spaced repetition votary here in Wisconsin, interested in good food, writing, literature, learning, language, autodidacticism, rhetoric, figures of speech, fiction, and more.

The name of this blog is a slick reference to the now defunct, which was my first serious attempt at blogging . . .  until it got mega-hacked. Maybe I’ll repost some of those old articles some time.

Associating the moniker pajama cat with myself is kinda inaccurate actually coz I like to lounge (frolic and roister?) in my underwear (i.e. pajamaless) in quasi acceptable situations. Like if my housemate has a friend over and we all happen to be in shared living spaces at once, and I’ll even talk to them. Does it make me a pathetic bad person? I can see you nodding your heads… okay. I’m going now.

Get at me!

Email ——-> weele dot me at gmail dot com.

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