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How to Really Be a Better Writer: A Meta-Method of Learning and Playing with Words, Figures of Speech, Rhetoric, and Tropes

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ImageThe author of How To Be Charismatic: The Movie Method of Social Skill Development is back with another gasser of a how-to text. This natty tome is more adroit and mature in its treatment of another topic related to the subject matter of the previous book: writing.

There is no shame in wanting to be a better writer and communicator and acting on that desire, but so many people go about it in ways that are, well… shameful, given the current state of learning technology and methodology.

Dave hopes to provide what you might not be getting out of a traditional English or Humanities curriculum, plain and simple. We are in search of a meta-method of learning and playing with words, figures of speech, rhetoric, and tropes. We’ll talk about flashcards, spaced repetition, and other processes that you can use to supplement such practices.

Learn how to cultivate your literacy and vocabulary using many sources. This book will show you how to take advantage of both pop cultural, web-based, and traditional academic resources get better at what it is you love to do. Just as in the seminal How To Be Charismatic book, this method is like a video game: you can stop and save your progress at any time, switch to a different game, and come back whenever you want.

This method is at once practical, effective, and fun. No gimmicks. While there is an almost seductively concrete plan for daily action laid out in this text, it remains remarkable in its ability to help you construct and internalize a unique character with a body of traits and social skills differentiated from those of everyone else.

Unleash the bard within!

Price = $9.99 USD plus shipping if applicable (obviously… you’re not gonna be shipping an eBook in the traditional sense… but I prolly don’t need to tell a soigné feller like yerself tha’; okay… the pretentious and conceited humor stops now). Prices in other currencies are based on the US price.


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