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Lesson, The Fifth: Bonus Round

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This is gonna be a bonus round for this series. To make a long and slightly (actually) pathetic story brief and way less embarrassing, your noble and lovely and let’s-be-honest-kinda-vulgar master of ceremonies (c’est moi!) once self-published a self-help ebook a long time ago in an Internet galaxy far, far away. It was, as painful as ’tis for me to admit this, a book about charisma. I know right? What business do I of all of the people on this planet have writing a book on charisma? I’m too much of a fake wag to be thought of as seriously charismatic! Shall we wax fashionably risque? Let us attempt to reclaim a politically loaded dysphemism; from now on, we’ll (that’s me and the queen) refer to fake wags as fags. Or perhaps “phony wags as phags” for the weak of stomach.

For now I’m going to avoid any further commenting on that topic like any crafty incumbent and move on to the one important idea that came out of that book; and that is, yes, that’s right, you guessed it, a flashcard type. We’re going to affectionately dub this flashcard format “Charisma Cards,” but as you’ll see these kinds of flashcards don’t always have a lot to do with charisma, especially if I’m making them! There! Now you can call me sophomoric, but no one can call me a morosoph.

The unifying principle of this format of learning is — and I’m not even that sure I realized this at the time of publishing that initial e-tome — it’s juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is the name of the game here. You can make these cards out of any kind of source material, though my favorites for cultural reasons are movies, TV shows, and books. Basically, take a look at all of the flashcard formats I’ve introduced to you so far. You have various methods of learning vocabulary, rhetorical figures and figures of speech, tropes, and storytelling patterns. Now it turns out that you’ll still occasionally come across defiant, yet interesting language and communication in the stuff you’re reading and watching and listening to. This is interesting stuff that resists being pegged as fit for one of the other flashcard types. It’s resistant, but you’re still drawn to how clever or interesting it is, and so you still want to give it as an offering to Mother Mnemosyne. If something still retains its je ne sais quoi mystique after analyzing it with every last member of the rhetorical bestiary, then you’ve got a candidate charisma card.

See the full version of this text or my earlier ebook for more details. I took my work, cut it down into this bite-sized, abridged version, and have decided to make it freely available in various places o’er the Interwebz. Permit me to be blunt: I worked really hard on the full version, and it will soon be is available in sundry formats in various places including Amazon, Smashwords, and Udemy. Especially since a lot of good stuff got cut out in order to make this abridged version possible, I urge you to give the full version your serious consideration.

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